Heating Options in Greenhouse Farming

Man on greenhouse farming

Man on greenhouse farmingGreenhouse farming allows you to farm all year round and even grow crops you ordinarily would not in your climate. The greenhouse mimics natural conditions in which the plants would thrive as much as possible. One of the conditions which influence your plants’ growth is heat.

There are different heating options your commercial greenhouse construction expert from Conservatory Craftsmen will recommend. Before settling on one, it is imperative to ensure your greenhouse is well-insulated to minimize heat loss. Here are the heating options you have for your greenhouse.

Paraffin Heaters

These are the oldest heaters used for greenhouse farming. Paraffin heaters come in different sizes, and their fuel is generally cheap for farmers who can access it. The carbon dioxide emitted by these heaters also improves your greenhouse’s growing environment. Paraffin heaters, however, emit water vapor which might encourage the growth of mold in your greenhouse.

Electric Heaters

These use electricity to heat your greenhouse and can be controlled thermostatically. This control which is absent in paraffin heaters minimizes energy wastage. Most electric heaters also have fans which evenly distribute air to prevent the development of cold spots and fungal issues. Installing an electric heater is however costly since it requires expertise and mechanisms which will minimize the mixing of water and electricity.

Propane Heaters

These run on propane gas and allow you to save on the high costs of electricity. The heaters are low cost and have minimal maintenance costs. Propane heaters produce carbon dioxide which boosts plant growth. They however also generate a considerable amount of water vapor, and hence proper ventilation is vital to avert moisture buildup.

Different plants have different heating requirements. The above options fit a range of plant heating requirements and budgets. Once you have picked the ideal heater for your greenhouse, sizing it will be the next important consideration. Your greenhouse constructor will help you with the calculations needed to determine the perfect heater size for your greenhouse.

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