Greenhouse Types: Here are 3 Good Options

Plants in a GreenhouseThe uses of greenhouses are massive; they are extremely helpful in improving food production. They allow farmers to increase their yield and enhance the quality of their produce. They can help preserve threatened flora by recreating their desired environment.

Because they give greater control, these greenhouses permit for a more comprehensive research, experimentation, and observation. Building a greenhouse can be DIY or not, but for those who are serious about cultivation or preservation, it’s best to work with a commercial greenhouse manufacturer.

Only they can suggest the ideal greenhouse structure according to different factors. To give you some idea of your possible choices, refer to the list below:

A-Frame Greenhouses

The A-Frame structure is one of the most common in the market. One of its key advantages is its simplicity. It uses only sloping walls and a “roof,” which all together form a triangle (hence the name). It also takes very little time to build. The most well-known material is polycarbonate, which is translucent.

It is also less costly to maintain, but owners should remember it might introduce air circulation problems due to its design. It also doesn’t maximize the available space since it tends to taper off as it slopes to the ground.

Technology Greenhouses

Consider this as the greenhouse of the future. As its name suggests, it is a structure with integrated technology. It may range from climate control, light settings, and even temperature adjustments.

One of the cons with this is the capital outlay. It may also be more challenging to maintain. The benefits, though, are long. For one, users can now mimic the best environment the plants can grow. It may also be possible to produce crops that are out of season.

They may also automate the whole process to save time and labor.

They can also become even more energy efficient. A US study, for example, has shown how changing the greenhouse panels to a special pink glass as they can harness more solar energy.

Dome Greenhouses

There’s a growing demand for dome greenhouses because of their unique shape. They also allow for better circulation and ventilation. This design can also help the structure take advantage of the solar energy. The panels can collect the power in different directions.

The commercial manufacturers can assess the best greenhouse according to the size of the land, budget, crops (or plants), and quality of the soil, among others. Either way, these specialists can help you build the right one for your needs.

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