Good Things about Portable, Easy Access Bathtubs

BathtubCaring for an elderly or person with a disability can be challenging. Carers can get back pain lifting them in and out of the bathtub. Portable, open access tubs eliminate the need to lift, making life easier for everyone involved.

Severely disabled people may need assistance with daily tasks, such as getting in and out of bed and the bath. These can be difficult for the patient and the carer. This is where a bathtub for the handicapped and elderly comes in.

Why Get Walk-In Tubs

Walk-in bathtubs have a side opening door or drop-down panel to allow a person to get in without being lifted or having to climb over the side. The design reduces the risk of strain or falling injuries. It makes bathing simple for those with mobility issues.

Some models of handicap bathtub are portable and can be moved to any room with a faucet or to another property.

They also have other safety features, such as a built-in non-slip surface, temperature controlled faucets, and grab handles. The water is fully drained from the tub before the person exits, so there will be no puddles to slip on.

Luxury Features

Some accessible bathtubs have added spa features for the disabled person or even the carer. These include warm, bubbling water – ideal for easing aches and pains, a color therapy mode so the person can bathe in subdued lighting, and/or an aromatherapy mode to help sooth stress.

This type of bathtub is available in a variety of sizes. Some are compact and ideal for small homes. They take up less space and are more affordable than a walk-in shower or wet room.

Bathtubs for disabled people may allow for independent bathing or prevent injuries. They can be portable and space saving. They have many safety features to prevent accidents and some luxury spa options as well. Get one for your loved one so you can enjoy all the benefits.

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