Four Ways to Make the Most out of a Small Space

Modern House Interior

Modern House InteriorIn modern homes, space is at a priority. Most homeowners prefer sliding and folding doors because, in addition to coming in different varieties and styles, they also add space to the small rooms in your home. You can easily fold, stack and move sliding and folding doors without the problem with traditional doors that swing widely inside and outside, taking up space.

Bathroom Pocket Doors

If you have a tiny bathroom, consider using glass sliding pocket doors that have a full-length mirrors to save on the swing space taken by traditional doors. The glass doors will also be a source of natural light, keeping the bathroom airy and bright.

Space-Saving Barn Door

You can tuck a small home office in your living room away when you need more space. To do this, use sliding barn doors on rollers. You will quickly transform your office from an open to a closed one with these doors that roll, rather than swing open.

Rustic Folding Doors

Using traditional swinging doors can take up a lot of the space in an already squeezed room. For open-plan living, use folding wooden doors that act as a room divider. The wood will bring a country style in your home and also practically save you more room.

Japanese Sliding Doors

Use Japanese sliding doors to separate your bed area from the bathroom. They look smart and have a minimalist feel. You can also use them to diffuse light into your bedroom, creating a natural atmosphere.

A sliding or folding door is the ideal solution to save space in your home. You can use them in your bathroom, in an open area living arrangement, on your wardrobe storage, and in your garage to increase space and enhance the atmosphere in your room.

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