Features of a Walk-In Bath Tub that Promote the Health of the User

Woman relaxing in bathtub

Woman relaxing in bathtubMost modern walk-in bathtubs are made with an anti-slip textured floor to protect you from falls. Additionally, they are coated with a high gloss finishing for easy cleaning.

The design of a modern bathtub includes a neck rest spa pillow, which ensures that you comfortably lounge in the water. This and other features of the bathtub are made from hypoallergenic materials that help relieve pain and tension in the body.

Heavenly Walk In Tubs highlights various features that come with the bathtubs for disabled and the elderly.

Leg Massage Only

This feature present in a modern bathtub allows the user to use a massager even when the tub is halfway full. This massager is helpful to tired legs or feet for someone who has a medical condition, such as diabetes or arthritis. The massage therapy helps with blood circulation, making your legs less sore and more relaxed.

Emergency Toe Drain

Some tubs offer a secondary emergency drain option in case the main drain malfunctions or the person cannot use it properly. This drain is activated through a gentle push by the user’s toe on an easily reachable drain button at the bottom of the bathtub. This feature provides additional protection in case of those rare, life-threatening events.

Safety Bar

This bar is ergonomically designed to provide extra security for the user when climbing in or out of the bathtub. It is normally placed by the door, immediately above the seat, so you can use it when getting in and getting up from the seat. This will minimize the possibility of you slipping near the bathtub.

The above features seek to maximize your comfort and safety in the bathtub. This ensures that you retain your independence, dignity, and self-esteem on top of a luxurious and pleasant bathing experience, not to mention the numerous health benefits that come with using the tub.

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