Elements That Leave Air Ducts Dirty or Clogged

Dust from Air DuctsIt’s not surprising to find that health problems experienced by family members are due to clogged air ducts. After all, accumulation of debris and dirt in the air ducts makes any air conditioning unit more inefficient. Air conditioning units with clogged or dirty air ducts increase operation costs—about 20% during summer. These also increase the risks of carbon dioxide accumulation and fire in winter seasons. With these situations in mind, it’s important to be a responsible homeowner.


Dust can form from tiny bits of ash, dirt, dead bugs, pollen, animal dander, or dead skin. Once these accumulate in the ventilation, they are easily recycled into the circulating air. They then cause allergic reactions and irritation in people with sensitive skin and compromised immunity. If you live in Utah, Larsen HVAC noted that you might want to get professional air duct cleaning Salt Lake City services to boost the quality of in-flowing air and prevent these allergens from circulating in your home.


If the air ducts of your air conditioning unit are degraded or damaged, fiberglass could easily access the air flowing into the house. Most people insulate their air ducts using fiberglass not knowing it can be an irritant once it combines with the circulating air. Fiberglass irritation can severely affect the eyes, nostrils, skin, and lungs once inhaled. Inspecting air ducts can identify fiberglass entry areas before it accumulates to cause serious health issues.


Mold could lurk in the clogged or dirty air ducts and pose dangers to your health. If the inner part of the air conditioning unit is damp, fungi and mold will find it a favorable place for growth. Mold produces spores that cause hazardous respiratory reactions, especially to people with respiratory health issues. Headaches and dizziness are common symptoms of spore-related infections, although prolonged spore inhalation can cause serious respiratory illnesses.

If you are not keen to inspect the condition of your air ducts, you may spend much time in the house breathing contaminated air. Inspection helps one to know when the air ducts need to be cleaned.

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