Drinking Water: Why 8 Glasses a Day is Not Enough

Water Softeners in Bountiful Drinking at least eight glasses of water a day to be healthy is common knowledge. What not most people are aware of, however, is that the quality of water matters as well. It’s more of quality than quantity.

The Kinds of Water and its Safety

Tap water is the most common source of water in an American home because it is both convenient and affordable. Another source of water is purified (and usually bottled) water. While more costly than tap water, people choose to drink from a purified water bottle in hopes of ingesting more minerals and fewer chemicals.

While both tap water and bottled water are monitored and approved by the government, they’re not free of contaminants that can possibly pose threats to human health in the long run. Passing through pipes and going through your faucet increases the risk of bacteria and contaminants in tap water. Bottled water is no different because of the more complex process it goes through, not to mention its plastic container. So what can you do to keep your water cleaner and healthier?

How to Make Sure You Consume Healthier Types of Water

The answer is to have a filter. Tap and bottled water are generally safe to drink, but are not as healthy as filtered water. There are different kinds of filter. A basic carbon filter can be used and are commonly found installed in pitchers. Many companies in Bountiful can help install water softeners in your home. You can also have a filter that has carbon and reverse-osmosis technology installed in your counters for convenience and ease. This type would cost more than the first two, though.

Water is a basic human necessity. Keep your bodies well hydrated not just by drinking water every day, but also by consuming cleaner and safer ones.

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