Double Purpose: Designing Your Carport-Turned-Patio

modern patioIf you’re lucky enough to have a patio at home, then you’d better see it as an opportunity to extend your living area. If you don’t have enough space for it, however, then better find ways to compromise. A good example is making your carport double as a patio in your Brisbane home.

Whether you have a flat, raised flyover, or gable carport, you can make things work by combining the existing elements of your outdoor space to complement your home’s overall design. Here are some tips to help you:

Create privacy

Planning to have sausages or prawns for dinner? Then grilling would be one of the best ways to cook them. Of course, that also calls for setting up the dinner table outside.

While eating with your family is a great bonding experience, you would want to enjoy whatever you’re doing without passers-by watching your every move. To keep your carport-turned-patio a bit private, you can add some sort of barrier. These can be tall potted plants, a retractable fabric privacy panel, a wooden divider, or a set of curtains, which you could remove when you’re done.

Choose the right colour

Think about the visual effect you want to achieve. Choose neutral palettes when deciding a colour for your carport, as these give off a calming effect. You could also go for solid shades of blue or red, for instance, to match the colour of your roof and siding.

Maintain simplicity

You don’t have to go over the top when decorating your carport. Sometimes, all you need is a corner where you can place a side table and a bench for a quiet morning read. Buy the lightweight ones, so you can remove them easily and give enough space for your vehicle. Remember that it’s carport, not a garage. It’s better to have less clutter, so your exteriors look pleasing to the eye.

An outdoor space is what many Australian households prefer to maximise. If you’re the same, then make it as functional as possible without sacrificing its look.

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