Door Dilemma: 3 Reasons Your Garage Door Won’t Open or Close

car garage interiorYour garage door is most likely the least of your concerns. That’s until it won’t open or close. Like other equipment in your home, the garage door is subject to wear and tear, especially since you use it frequently. Here are specific possible reasons your garage door isn’t functioning normally lately:

The springs are damaged

Each assembly has one or two torsion springs that extend horizontally over the width of the door and two extension springs that raise and lower the door. Such springs only have a certain number of cycles and would need replacement when maxed out. Otherwise, they will break abruptly and cause injuries to people.

Never attempt to open your door if you have this problem. Get garage door services specialists in Pittsburgh, PA to handle such issues because they have the right tools and skills to avoid safety problems.
The operator has no power connection.

A logical reason for something not functioning is this: Someone may have unintentionally unplugged the operator. Check if this is what’s causing the problem. Or, you may have a faulty outlet. If you’ve plugged other appliances and they also won’t power up, then the outlet is causing the issue. Note that no power connection may also mean a blown fuse or problems with the circuit breaker. At this point, leave it to professionals.

The photo-eye is dirty

Some garage doors have sensors that detect objects blocking the path of garage doors, keeping the machine from lowering or rising all the way. It’s a safety feature of most old garage doors. The photo-eye is about four or five inches from the ground. Both sides of the door have it. When the sensors shoot a laser beam across and get obstructed by an object, they cut off the signal, disabling the opening and closing of the doors.

Your garage door is a strong security feature at your home, but don’t let it compromise safety for your family. Call experts to know exactly why it’s acting up.

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