Do You Want to Take Advantage of Retail Therapy? Add Plants!

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Woman using phone and laptopWhether it’s the euphoria, tension release, or sense of freedom, retail therapy is prevalent in the United States. A survey among 1,000 people by Credit Karma revealed that over half of them engaged in stress spending once. It’s so common that credit card debt is one of the most significant financial issues in U.S. households.

Not all retail stores, though, can take advantage of retail therapy for their business growth. If you’re one of these, you can consider a simple but effective solution, such as investing in large vintage copper garden planters.

How Can Planters Increase Spending?

People who spend money on retail therapy do so to relieve themselves of stress, and you can complement the buying with plants.

Plants provide a comprehensive list of benefits to your health or well-being. Certain species can help reduce the toxins that decrease the quality of indoor air. The removal of fumes and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) can also bring down physical symptoms of stress. These can include headaches, breathing difficulties, and vision problems.

Research published in the Journal of Physiological Anthropology revealed that interacting with plants could suppress the sympathetic nervous system. In other words, it controls the flight-fight response, which is indicative of stress.

The presence of nature can also boost relaxation through attention restoration. A theory that suggests that plants can help renew mental energy. The kind of attention you bring to the flora is more natural or effortless than the one you give to an Excel spreadsheet.

The feelings of relaxation and the reduction of stress can have a profound impact on the buying decisions of consumers. A Columbia Business School experiment showed that stress-free individuals were more likely to give a project a higher worth or price.

Another study cited how consumer behavior can mimic the flight-or-flight response. Stressed consumers hold on to or save their money due to their instinct to survive. When they buy, they tend to choose the essential items.

Of course, the business needs more than plants to attract consumers and take advantage of retail therapy. However, it also shows that the most effective strategies don’t need to be costly or complicated.

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