DIY Clogged Drain Solutions

Clogged DrainA clogged drain presents to be a mechanical problem that is difficult to solve. In a typical set-up, one would buy chemical concoctions on the nearest hardware or grocery stores spending a quite handful sum of money. Or you can simply check your kitchen and be surprised to find most of the things you need that might just do the trick. But somehow, this chemical formula doesn't solve any of the mechanical cloggings. 


The most iconic figure in unclogging drains is the hot boiling water. Most of the time, this works for mild cases of clogs. But for moderate ones, pouring in some baking soda onto the drain and adding the same amount of vinegar can yield better results, too. Let it sit for about an hour or even overnight before flushing in with a boiling water.

If the previous method doesn't work, another more strong ingredient is available – Caustic Soda or Sodium Hydroxide. This chemical is quite an irritant to the skin. Huge caution should be observed when dealing with it such as wearing eye goggles and hand glove. Even exposure to its fumes can cause some nasty irritation. Create a mixture of 3 cups Caustic Soda into 1/2 gallon water ratio and start stirring it to create a fizzing heat reaction. Start pouring the mixture into the drain and let it sit for an hour and flush with boiling water. 


Action Plumbing says the drainage is one heck of a system. It may look so simple but it's anything opposite. If clogs were not solved by any chemical means, then it's time to call on some services that offer drain cleaning. Salt Lake City houses competitive service providers.

Nonetheless, you can apply some DIY to solve the clog mechanically. But before you attempt to start, assess the situation first so you won't waste your energy giving wrong solutions. Inspect where the clog is. It can be directly under the sink pipes and curves or it can be in the main drain pipe leading away from you home.

To determine where the problem is, if your sink is clogged, check other drain and if it works, meaning the problem is in your sink pipes and not on the main pipes. To solve that, you can use the good old fashioned DIY tricks. The vacuum plunger that builds pressure that can push and pull the clogged materials to loosen it and thereby flushing it away. Another tool is the drain snake. The intention of this tool is to slowly access the clog and tangles it with the drain snake so you can pull it out.

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