Create Personalized Spaces by Breaking Common Design Ideas

BedroomSome design rules are made to be broken. Breaking a few conventional decorating styles is the first step to owning a home that actually feels like yours. Get creative ideas and supplies to design your living space; Wallpaper Warehouse can help.

Colors of Ceilings, Trims, and Window Shades

Traditional decorating rules dictate that the safe and default color option for ceilings and trims is white. This color can provide a clean frame for rooms and help make ceilings look higher. However, you can add a distinct touch to your room by painting your trim and doors a different color or by adding a geometric pattern to your ceiling. Painting the trim a darker color than the walls can make a space feel more modern. The color recedes visually instead of creating a bright line around the floor.

Window shades do not have to be white to be good. Black sheer solar shades, for instance, can suit the color scheme of a room and be a better option than white shades. Windows are naturally darker at night so it can feel better to look at black shades than at white fabric. During the day, black cuts more reflection out to allow you to see better out of windows.

Multiple Wallpapers

Contrary to common design beliefs, you do not have to put up wallpaper in moderation. You can have rooms filled with multiple wallpapers without it being overwhelming or too much. There are flat surfaces that can be overlooked as potential areas for wallpaper application. Places that can be used for wallpaper experimentation include the back of a bathroom cabinet, closets, the refrigerator, and the bottoms of drawers.

Matching Sets and Mixing Metals

A room does not always have to come with matching sets. Rooms can fall flat if sets reinforce lack of imagination and creativity. You can break this design standard if you find a standout piece that you love but that does not go with anything else in the room. It could be a completely different style, shape, and color, but it will be able to create its own space. Each room needs this kind of conversation piece that can serve as an accent and improve its overall look.

Similarly, another design trend is that finishes need to be mixed and matched in order for a room to feel spontaneous. However, contrast is key when using a variety of tones in one space. Mismatched accessories, furniture, and fixtures can add character and a personal touch.

Size and Proportions

Common design protocols often dictate that elements should be held in proportion to each other. One such rule is that art should not be wider than the sofa it hangs over. You can break this conventionality if you want to create an impact by going bigger and hanging an intentionally over-scaled piece of art.

Another rule is that you need a big rug for a big room. Before deciding on the size of rug to buy, consider that whatever size looks right to you is usually the better guideline to follow. This is especially true when you have good floorboards you would rather not cover up.

Traditional design styles can constrain creativity and uniqueness when decorating a room. Remember that these rules do not have to be strictly followed and you can experiment with various design elements to achieve a look that you want.

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