Cost-Effective Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality at Home and in the Office

Indoor Air Quality at HomeHomes and offices harbor all sorts of microorganisms. Some are harmless while others cause illness. Reports state the average indoor environment of an American home is two to 200 times more polluted compared to outside air. Illnesses due to indoor pollution peak at wintertime, when everyone remains indoors sealed against the cold.

Here are two simple ways to have better air quality. 

Improve the air exchange with better ventilation

Poor indoor air quality cause hospitalization, loss of income, and profit losses as well. You may be surprised when you learn about the sources of air pollution inside your home and office. For starters, harmful chemicals that damage human cells and tissues reside in candles, detergents, carpets, and a host of commercial cleaning products. You want to detoxify these chemicals and you may do so using air purifiers. Nevertheless, there is a better way to eliminate the contaminants from the air you breath, and that is better ventilation and air exchange. If you can find ways to boost the amount of outdoor air coming in, you’ll lower the concentration of harmful chemicals and organisms indoors. Use ceiling fans, install exhaust fans, and choose window AC units with vent control. All these help purify the air.  

Control the source of pollutants

Aside from the abovementioned sources dust and dirt also contaminate indoor air. In Salt Lake City, for example, Larsen HVAC explains that by following the recommended schedules on air duct cleaning, homes and offices become healthier and people are more productive. Similarly, keep to the cleaning schedule of carpets as well as HVAC systems to prevent accumulation of filth, which eventually ends up in the air you breathe. You can also make a few changes with your choice of products. Instead of using chemicals with harmful and toxic vapors, buy unscented products, and check labels for toxic ingredients.

Many disease-causing organisms are airborne. Older persons and young children, as well as people with weakened immune systems are prone to their negative effects. You can improve the quality of air you breathe at home and in the workplace using cost-effective methods of purifying the indoor atmosphere.

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