Coping Style Options for Swimming Pools

swimming poolThere are many aspects involved in swimming pool construction. Among the essential ones is your pool’s coping, or capping the edge of your swimming pool.

Coping preserves your pool’s structure by preventing the separation of the water from the pool shell. It also enhances the visual appeal of your pool and integrates its tile and finish.

To benefit from the visual appeal of your coping, you should pick the style for your pool construction in Utah diligently. There are various coping styles you can choose from for an in-ground pool. Here are some of the best ones.

Bullnose Style

This pool coping technique features somewhat rounded edges. The ultimate look is a soft, varied-edge one. A bullnose coping style is typically associated with the conventional pool edge finishing style. There are, however, now several variations of the style with the sloping and half bullnose designs being the most popular. The bullnose coping style is typically used for vinyl-lined and concrete-decked pools.

Square-Edged Style

This style features square pavers with precise edges. These pavers give your pool a sleek, clean appearance. The square-edged coping technique is a popular one for contemporary swimming pool designs. It can also be used as an updating element on traditional and older pool designs.

Cantilever-Edge Style

In a cantilever-edge style, foam forms are first secured on the top part of your pool’s walls. A concrete deck is then poured on the forms creating a deck which comes over your pool’s edge. You can choose to enhance the appeal of your cantilever-edge coping with staining or stamping.

All the above coping styles are practical and aesthetically appealing. Your choice from the above for your pool’s coping technique is primarily influenced by your pool’s slip-resistance, density, and size. The coping style you choose should be able to tolerate the alternating dry and wet conditions of your pool in relation to these parameters.

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