Common Scams to Look Out for When Hiring Vent Cleaning Experts

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house cleaner expertAir conditioning is essential for your home’s indoor comfort. It can, however, serve as a conduit for dangerous microorganisms and increase your energy consumption if not well-maintained and routinely cleaned. By routine cleaning, this is not the everyday cleaning you do of visible HVAC components but rather professional thorough cleaning.

Diligence is essential for Indiana residents when looking for experts to handle their vent cleaning. There are many scams on the market and falling for them will waste your money and give you substandard cleaning or none at all. Here are some common scams you should look out for.

Bait and Switch

Remember that the price for your vent cleaning depends on the size of your home and the condition of your vents. The bait and switch scam involves companies advertising a flat rate and changing their rates when they show up for the job. Reputable companies will give you a range for the vent cleaning, but the actual figure will be given in a written estimate after inspection of your home before any actual work is scheduled.

Short Cleaning Lengths

Thorough cleaning of an average sized home’s vents takes about 3-5 hours. Be wary of companies that promise you a meticulous clean in one hour. These companies will only clean the visible areas of your vents within the one hour they promise you, but they don’t do a thorough clean of the other important parts.

Only One Person Showing Up for the Job

The company you select might send one person to inspect the task at hand. Actual cleaning, however, is not a one-man-job since the equipment used is heavy and requires 2-3 people to handle. If only one “cleaning expert” shows up at your door for the cleanup, something is off.

Many trustworthy companies will efficiently handle your job at reasonable prices. By avoiding the above rip-offs, you will be sure to land the right experts for your job. With clean vents, you are assured of healthy indoor air and lowered energy bills.

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