Commercial Glass Doors: What are Your Options?

Glass doors of a building

Glass doors of a buildingCommercial glass doors are available in various configurations. These include frameless glass doors, aluminum glass doors, wood, and pivot glass doors. Your choice depends on the nature of your business, your budget, and cleaning and maintenance, among other factors.

Your shop should look and function in such a way that it supports the growth of your business. That’s why choosing the right commercial doors in Indianapolis is an important part of setting up your business.

Explore the following commercial glass door options to see which one best suits your business.

Stained Commercial Glass

This type is the ultimate in elegance, class, and privacy. It helps you stand out from the rest of the business without compromising the privacy of your customers. Commercial doors with stained glass are ideal for restaurants, bars, and other nightlife venues. It is also available in various colors to complement the theme of your business.

Transparent Glass

If you’re going all out to market your products and make your store visible, this is the ideal glass for your doors because it’s clearly visible from the outside. As such, it’s commonly used in beauty salons, small offices, and clothing boutiques. Be sure to select the best quality of clear glass for your front door for security purposes.

Frosted Glass

This is an excellent option for businesses that need sufficient lighting and privacy. The glass has a cloudy outdoor look, which lets the light in but can’t reveal anything from the inside. It’s best used in businesses such as hospitals, doctors’ offices, and spas.

With these options, you can always find a glass type that will suit your business best. Make sure you can take care of the glass to maximize its service life and appearance. Ensure that it’s professionally installed, so it can bring out the best in your commercial space.

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