Character Matters: 3 Ways to Personalise Your Bedroom

Pastel color themed room

Pastel color themed roomThe tricky thing with well-designed bedrooms is that they are too stylised that they often look like those in a house model. In short, it does not look like it is yours. What it lacks is personalisation. In the last years, this crucial element has been the hot trend in bedroom design, with homeowners wanting to have a stamp of their 2.individuality in the space.

If your space looks like a cut-out piece from a property-for-sale pamphlet, here is how you can give it a bit of your personality:

1. Decide on the vibe

The overall atmosphere of your bedroom should suit your personality, and you can influence that vibe in the space with a theme. Many homeowners today are now into nature-themed bedrooms, with biophilic design growing more popular.

If you are a nature lover yourself, add houseplants and invest in furniture made of natural materials. You can check out bedroom furniture online UK stores offer to see lots of options and make your shopping easier.

2. Make a statement with accent walls

Hang photos of your family on the walls. It is the surest way to mark your bedroom as yours. Play with different shapes and sizes of frames to add visual interest.

Most homeowners have this gallery of images at the empty space above the bed not just to fill in that area, but to assign a focal point where people’s eyes land when they enter the space. Another wall decor to consider is an art piece. Paintings will give your space a soft touch to it — plus points if you could have a family member design it for you.

3. Be creative in your headboard

There is also the option of customising your headboard. Some homeowners go for velvet, button-tufted headboards to match their love for posh things, while others have wood planks for a rustic look.

Some repurpose old shutters or window frames. Such DIY projects, which showcase your creativity, can add character to the space. Whether you will buy or recycle, the important thing is to match the design element with your personality.

Does your space look like it is yours, or could it be someone else’s with its interiors? Give your bedroom a piece of your character and personality with these mentioned tips.

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