Cafe Blind Options for Outdoor Spaces

Cafe blinds

Cafe Blinds in AustraliaCafé blinds enclose an outdoor space completely or partially. It can be rolled halfway or pull down through the floor length. The weather, space available and aesthetics are major considerations when shopping for these outdoor protective coverings.


While both clear and dark blinds can protect outdoor furniture and its occupants from direct exposure to sunlight, the two have distinct advantages as far as sunlight is concerned. The dark types reduce glare while the clear ones reduce heat absorption and allow more light. The location of the outdoor area should be a guide in choosing between the two.

Design Structure

Some outdoor spaces have railings from the ground until midway; others with glass panels and others still are fully open. With the first two condition, a partial retract will be an automatic choice. But with mechanically operated blinds, a straight pull down can be a good choice as it can be stopped at any length.

Again, Action Awnings says, location will come into play, guiding buyers whether to have it drop straight just a few inches from the ceiling, midway or down the floor.

Fabric/PVC Quality

Whether made of PVC or fabric, there are ways materials can be strengthened for better weather protection and longevity. For instance, tensioned fabrics make blinds sturdier and remove light gap possibilities.

Mechanical Design

Blinds can be manually or mechanically operated. Additional features like an aluminium headbox, galvanised tube, anchor clips and bottom rail can help prolong the material and match the structure’s design.


From clear PVCs to dark fabrics to multicoloured, there is a wide range of colours available for home and building owners to choose from. This gives more freedom in terms of style and aesthetics, although clear and dark coloured blinds continue to be the most popular choice.

These factors are interrelated that a buyer cannot choose based on one factor only. These have to be carefully thought through to make a better choice. It helps that installers in Perth can help guide through this process.

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