Business Initiatives: What are the Current Food Industry Flooring Options

Food Processing Facility FlooringA food processing facility has many requirements, and the flooring is no exception. Food factories must offer a controlled environment to ensure that the processed food remains uncontaminated. Imagine a busy environment, where all sorts of particles, including sugars, fats, food acids, and oils can end up on the floor. In time, without ample protection, the flooring will degrade, and pose a danger to people working in the facility. Moreover, a non-intact floor is prone to bacterial and viral invasion, which may end up in the food and endanger the health of consumers.

It’s all in the coating

On a regular day, the floors of a food factory receive a beating. If the coating is of poor quality, then it will not hold especially when exposed on a daily basis to corrosive compounds. One layer of film coating may suffice in other settings, but in food processing facilities, a thick application is often necessary. The coating serves as a protective barrier between the floor itself and the intrusive compound. The durable coating protects the floor area from harmful chemicals, high pressures, temperature variations and water damage.

It is also important to stress that the right kind of coating facilitates easier cleaning and sanitation. With the right choice, there is no need to worry about hygienic practices being violated. According to an expert from Allied Finishes, if the coating can accept a beating on a daily basis and remain intact, then the factory will not need repair or emergency flooring services often. The coating must also fulfil local council and other pertinent regulations.

Easy to clean, easy to maintain

A floor that absorbs stains and harbours growth of microorganisms does not belong in a food factory setting. A floor might hold up to daily traffic, but if it is too difficult to keep clean, then it must be replaced. Food and beverage industries are keen on finding flooring material and coating that is easy to sweep, clean and sanitise.

Factory flooring should be easy to clean and capable of sustaining hygienic conditions based on current regulations. Choose wisely and avoid food contamination and other potential problems.

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