Brisbane Tourism is doing Wonders for Your Real Estate Investment

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Do you want to set up a bed and breakfast? Do you find yourself browsing through lists of motels for sale like in Resort Brokers Australia for a potential investment? If you aren’t quite sure where to start, think about the location first. After all, the success of your investment depends on the saleability of an area.

Brisbane is the vibrant capital of Queensland — and it’s a title backed by the city’s strong tourism. This year alone saw 83,000 more international visitors than in 2015. It also recently ranked fourth globally for foreign direct investment and began offering daily direct flights to Shanghai, China, which has an estimated population of 24 million.

The Fourth among 53 Global Cities for Foreign Direct Investment

Brisbane was one of the 53 submitting global cities vying for international business on FDI Intelligence’s Foreign Direct Investment Strategy. It secured the fourth spot in foreign direct investment, showing the economic resilience of the city.

In relation to this, the Queensland capital ranked tenth on the biennial Global City of the Future report for human capital and lifestyle out of 131 countries. According to Lord Mayor Graham Quirk, this is a testament to the various ‘opportunities that continue to attract and retain talented and skilled people’ to the city.

The Start of Daily Direct Flights from Shanghai, China

Nobody can deny that China is a massive contributor to the global economy. Brisbane is aware of this, and have thus opened the city’s doors to more direct flights to and from Shanghai — a global financial centre and transport hub. The daily flights will begin by 2017, marking a ‘coming of age’ that will bring around 18,000 more Chinese visitors to the Queensland capital annually. These include tourists, students and investors alike.

According to data up until this September, Brisbane experienced an overall increase in visitor numbers by up to 9.6 per cent, while holiday visitor numbers increased by 14.8 per cent. On the other hand, expenditure rose up by 6.9 per cent. Adding this information to the fact that the city ranked fourth globally for foreign direct investment and is opening more direct flights, it is easy to see how the tourism will positively affect your real property investment in the area.

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