Bringing Reclaimed Wood and Recycled Materials to the Landscape

Landscaping in FavershamThe search for sustainable landscaping solutions has led to an increase in the use of reclaimed wood, salvaged metals and recycled materials. Recycled materials have long held a place in the garden, but mostly as planters. But the growing DIY movement has inspired new ways to reuse trash and turn them into beautiful landscaping features.

The beauty of reclaimed wood

Reclaimed wood is perhaps the most cherished item in landscaping. If you can gather enough planks, you can build yourself a rustic pergola or a sturdy bench. Reclaimed pallets also make great planters, edging for raised beds or walkways, and if they’re sturdy enough, you can use them for decking and scaffolding. You can even transform frames of tables, chaise, beds, windows and cabinets into planters for herbs and flowers or trellises for climbing plants, such as tomatoes and grapes.

From kitchen trash to garden treasure

Items that may no longer be of use in the kitchen can also find a home in the garden. PET bottles and plastic containers, for instance, are suitable for vertical planting. You can also use a ceramic tea cup or bowl to make a miniature or fairy garden, or just scatter chipper ceramic pieces as decorations to give your garden an eclectic look.

Rusted to rustic finds

Scrap metal, such as copper tubs, cast iron urns and old metal furniture frames can be charming additions to the garden. Worn waggons are a favourite choice among landscapers. The tarnished, antique look of used metal contrasts beautifully with the surrounding greenery and delivers a rustic charm to the landscape. If you have a collection of small metal scraps, you can assemble them to create a wind chime or any decorative piece.

Landscapers and hobby gardeners love to salvage wood and scrap metal and give trash a new life in the garden. The lovely patina of old wood and worn metal brings warmth and character to the landscape. There will always be a new and creative way to transform and use recycled materials. You will be surprised by how trash can turn into beautiful, functional items in the garden.

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