Benefits of Owning Real Estate in Japan

The skyline of Mt. Fuji and Yokohama, Japan Having your own rental house in Japan is a great investment. The country is very clean and full of rich culture. The people are very polite and the crime rate there is at an all-time low. The place is practically a utopia for people looking for a nice quiet place to live at reasonable rates. In fact, some tourists have grown to love the country so much they decided to move there. It only makes sense to see this as an opportunity for a good investment on rental houses. Here are some of the reasons, as real estate pundits from Sumimoto Realty and Development noted.

Low crime rate

A typical big problem property owners have is the crime rate. It may seem like a small thing but you would be surprised how the crime rate can affect not only how you get tenants but also how you get insurance for those properties. Japan has one of the lowest crime rates in the world so this is not a problem for you as a property owner in Japan.

Efficient transportation

Public transportation in Japan is so efficient that you do not even need to own a car. Buses and trains are really the way to get around. The trains practically go anywhere in the major cities. The trains are so fast that a new one arrives right after the next almost every four to seven minutes. Buses come regularly every minute or so. While there are still some benefits to having your own car, public transportation is still the best and cheapest way to get around.

Convenience stores and shopping centers

Japanese convenience stores really live up to what they call it, convenient. It is almost impossible not to find what you need there and it is very clean and safe. The shopping centers have a wide variety of things that can satisfy almost any shopper’s needs.

Japan is a great place to live in due to all its comforts and conveniences. Therefore, as a property owner, it makes perfect sense to invest in rental houses there.

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