Bamboo Sheets and How to Choose Them

Image of bed with bamboo bedsheets

Image of bed with bamboo bedsheetsLike other types of bedsheets, there are factors that one has to consider when choosing ones made from bamboo. However, unlike other sheets, additional and eco-friendly features of bamboo bedsheets make it easier for people to pick them over other materials.

But, one has to remember that not all bamboo sheets are created equal. At some point, there will definitely be differences you have to take note of and consider.

Below are some of the points one has to take note of when choosing bamboo sheets from vendors such as Cozy Earth to make sure that you get the right one.


As mentioned, not all bamboo sheets are the same. The main material in a bamboo sheet is obviously the bamboo plant, but they generally come in three kinds. Rayon or Viscose from bamboo means that the sheets are rayon fabric derived from the bamboo plant.

They make Tencel or Lyocell bamboo sheets from relatively eco-friendly materials. Then there is a blend of bamboo and cotton sheets. The kind of material is always indicated on the packaging.


It is normal for fabrics to shrink when washed, so is true with bamboo sheets. However, there are ones that are already pre-shrunk. This means shrinking undergoes a reduction, if not totally absent after washing.


There is a bamboo sheet size for different bed sizes. Make sure you choose the right size for your bed type.


Maintenance of bamboo sheets varies depending on its material and quality. There are ones that you can tumble dry and others that you cannot wash in the machine.

To make sure that you are carefully caring for your sheets, reading the washing and caring instructions included when buying your products is a must.

Enjoy the comforts of your bamboo sheets. Learn to choose the best ones for you and your family with the help of these pointers.

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