Avoiding Disputes: Don’t Be That Kind of Neighbor

HouseEven the simplest issue can cause problems between neighbors. You and the owners of the next lot may have been living next to each other for decades, but that doesn’t mean you won’t deal with disputes. A simple tree or rights to the driveway may turn your relationship sour.

Things get more complicated the longer you let the issues go on. Why not be a conscientious neighbor and do these things?

Mind your noise levels

Being noisy at ungodly hours is one sure way to get on your neighbor’s bad side. And this doesn’t just mean minimizing your TV’s volume at night. Be mindful of your neighbor’s schedule. They may be up at night and sleeping during the day. Some are more sensitive to noise, of course, so don’t feel bad if you don’t get it right the first time. What matters is you accommodate their request for quieter surroundings.

Beware the fence lines

Several companies such as offer DIY fence kits, making it easy for any homeowner to claim their land and box their property in a protective enclosure. Nothing’s wrong with that–as long as you make sure you’re building the fence on your land. Countless neighbors have gone to court over boundary disputes, especially if your fence will encroach over someone else’s driveway. It’s easy enough to mention the fence installation to your neighbor, or to double check where your land ends.

Respect privacy

You may not be doing it on purpose. But snooping in on your neighbors or inviting yourself over will not sit well with them, especially if you do these regularly. Don’t be that intrusive neighbor they have to avoid. Wait for their invitation, and invite them over as well, to strengthen your friendship.

Staying friends with your neighbors is a two-way street. Be mindful of their habits and stay respectful of their rules. Only then can you ensure they’ll respect you, too.

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