A Quick Guide to Proper Garage Door Maintenance

Proper Garage Door Maintenance

Proper Garage Door MaintenanceGarage door maintenance is probably at the bottom part of most homeowners’ to do list. However, just like everything else, commercial garage door in Cache Valley needs a little maintenance every once in a while, too.

That’s why companies such as Price’s Guaranteed Doors provide 24/7 commercial garage door customer support to all its clients. So, here are a few things that you need to remember when maintaining your commercial garage doors.

See if it needs any adjustments

Since garage doors move frequently because of everyday use, it can be fall out of adjustment from time to time. This can cause the door to become increasingly difficult to lift and lower.
So, the best way to prevent it from happening it to check for any loose or worn springs and hinges each you. You may want to address the issue immediately before it gets any worse.

Add a little lubrication

You may want to give all the hinges, rollers, roller tracks, and latches a good amount of penetrating solvent in order to work. Lubricate the torsion spring if you see any rust as well. However, ensure that you wipe any excess lubrication afterward. Then, apply a little bit of oil to the same parts.

Finish problem areas

A wooden door can get a few scratches over time. If that happens, you may want to properly paint or stain both the interior and exterior part of your garage doors. The moisture may subvert the paint itself if you only finish the outside of the commercial garage door, which can cause it to peel.
Properly maintaining commercial garage doors is essential to keep its pristine condition. But if you need additional professional support, then you may want to consider hiring services from a repair commercial garage door service in your area. It’s highly advisable to check what their previous customers have to say to get an idea of what they’re like as professionals.

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