5 Things to Know about Iron Chlorosis on Lawns

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Gardening tools for wateringWhat’s the color of your lawn? Dark green means your plants are getting enough nutrition to produce chlorophyll and thrive. However, if your grass, shrubs or trees appear yellowish, they may be chlorotic. Here are five things to know about iron chlorosis.

1. What’s iron chlorosis?

Lawn fertilization experts in Utah explain that iron chlorosis means your turfgrass, shrubs or trees are not getting enough iron. The iron deficiency is usually not because iron is not abundant in the soil but because certain factors are hindering its absorption by plants.

2. What are its symptoms?

Symptoms vary depending on factors such as how long the plants have been chlorotic. Generally, chlorosis is characterized by paling or yellowing of grass blades or the plants’ interveinal leaf tissue.

3. What causes iron deficiency?

The causes of chlorosis are complex. However, iron deficiency usually happens in soils that are alkaline and contain lime. Chlorosis is also associated with soils that have excessive irrigation, poor drainage, and low soil temperature.

4. How can you prevent iron chlorosis?

Choose species and cultivators that tolerate high pH soils. Such plants are less likely to be hugely affected by iron availability issues. Also, avoid over-irrigation, poor drainage and other factors that can lead to saturated soil conditions.

5. How can you correct iron chlorosis?

The treatment depends on the cause. Cultural practices such as tiling, mulching, and core aerification are often useful. Adding sulfuric acid, elemental sulfur, and other acidifying materials to high pH soils can help reduce alkalinity. Make sure to correct any drainage problems before using this method. You can also apply products containing iron, either to the soil or directly to the chlorotic plants.

Several factors can determine the color of your plants. If your plants appear yellowish despite your dedicated irrigation and fertilization efforts, you may be having a chlorosis problem. Consult an experienced lawn service about how to prevent and manage iron chlorosis in your yard.

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