5 Mistakes to Avoid to Prevent Plumbing Problems

Network of pipes going to a water tankYour plumbing is a complex system of pipes and drains that allow the comfortable and convenient use of your kitchen sink, toilet, and even garden hose. Not treating your plumbing system with care can lead to all sorts of problems that could affect that convenience.

Here are some of the most common mistakes homeowners commit when it comes to their plumbing system:

Using the Toilet to Dispose of Garbage

Simply because it’s dark or cold out doesn’t mean you should dump the contents of your garbage bin in the toilet and flush it down. Even if it’s just a pile of paper towels or even the hair in the bathtub, it can cause a major clog. Only use your toilet for what it was intended to do.

Not Checking Outdoors for Possible Plumbing Issues

Sometimes the problem begins outside. Make it a habit to check for roots that may get in the way of your plumbing. This may mean finding out how your plumbing system is built, so you know which areas to check. If there are trees near the pipes, call for rooter service in Salt Lake City to make sure the trees’ roots don’t force their way against the pipes.

Turning the Heat Off When You Aren’t Home

Turning the heat off when you’re not home can lead to frozen pipes, which is a bigger problem than just coming home to a house that feels like a freezer. Leave the heat on (using the most energy-efficient level) at all times and open the cabinets under the sink where pipes are located to make sure the water doesn’t freeze and burst the pipes.

Not Installing Pipe Insulation

Pipe insulation is not expensive, and it helps your pipes stay warm, preventing freezing. The cost of repairing broken pipes due to freezing can be much more than the cost of a one-time installation of the proper insulation.

Pouring Chemicals to Remove Clogs

A clog in your kitchen sink may be due to the hardened oils you’ve been pouring down the drain for years. It may also be caused by bits of food that have collected over time or gotten stuck in the sticky oils. Instead of pouring chemicals (which may damage your plumbing), call a plumber to have them remove the clog permanently.

As for cooking oil, let it cool in a jar and dispose of it in the garbage. The same goes for leftovers. The disposal in your kitchen sink is only there as the last protection from clogging, and it’s not supposed to grind big chunks of leftover food.

Plumbing systems are more complex than you think, and they can be pricey to fix once something breaks. Avoid the mistakes listed above and instead of going the DIY route to fix a clog, call a plumber.

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