5 Furnace Myths that Actually Increase Your Heating Bill During Winter

Furnace RepairOnce winter sets in, the majority of homeowners will experience a significant increase in their heating bill so many of them use various tactics to try and reduce their bill. While some tactics really work, some are really just myths, such as these five:

Myth #1 – Keep the thermostat low to save money

Many homeowners believe that lowering the thermostat saves money. However, your furnace will actually have to operate much harder to increase the temperature later. Use less energy instead. For example, adjust the temperature to around 23 or 25 degrees when everyone is at school and work, which in time will lower your heating bill.

Myth #2 – Set the thermostat high to warm up the house quicker

Heated air could only be spread at a specific rate, regardless if you have a brand new or old furnace. Put simply, your furnace’s air delivery rate will stay constant regardless if your thermostat is set to high or low.

Myth #3 – Cold floors are totally normal

While plenty of homeowners think that cold floors are common during winter, but it’s actually not. Today’s insulation technology is highly capable of warming your floors, meaning your home is inadequately insulated if you have cold floors. Additionally, this means that you’ll need to use more energy to efficiently warm your home.

Myth #4 – Close all vents to lower your heating costs.

The majority of houses use forced-air heating, which detects different rooms’ pressure levels to make certain that your HVAC system distributes heat evenly. Closing the vents will disrupt the balance so your furnace will have to use more energy to counteract the imbalance, leading to higher heating costs.

Myth #5 – All filters are just the same

Every furnace utilizes a specific filter type that’s perfectly suited to the system’s specifications. Having the right filter could improve your air quality indoors and save you money since your furnace will be able to run more efficiently, adds a furnace repair specialist in Salt Lake City.

The next time winter rolls around, forget about trying out these myths so that you could really reduce your energy use and save money.

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