4 Tips on Fighting Allergens This Spring

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HVAC Technician RepairOne of the problems many homeowners face during spring is allergies in the living space. But there’s no need to feel helpless. Here are four ways you can fight allergens and keep your loved ones healthy and happy throughout the season:
Have your AC cleaned

Whipple Service Champions agrees that spring is an ideal season for air conditioning service. The goal is to remove any impurities that may have been trapped in the ducts and filters in the preceding weeks to prevent them from being circulated in the house. Now that you didn’t use your AC much during the winter, you also want to make sure any mold that may have grown inside your unit is removed before you start using the unit again.

Set new house rules

Establishing a few house rules can go a long way in helping fight allergens in your home You could, for instance, insist that people don’t get inside the living area with shoes on to avoid bringing dust and dirt. Also, you can insist on people taking a shower before going to bed to keep allergens out of the sleeping areas.

Keep the house clean

Sure, you already clean your home. But during the spring, you may want to do it more often, especially if you’ve noticed before that allergies are a major concern in your home. Bathe your pets more often and be sure to clean those hard to reach areas. Vacuum every inch of your floor to eliminate dust and dirt.

Install a better filtration system

While it’s a splendid idea to change your air filters every month, it’s better to invest in a more efficient indoor air purifier. Your local HVAC contractor should recommend one that truly filters pollutants from your living space.

Don’t let allergens take the joy out of spending time in your home this spring. By taking a few measures, you can keep the air quality in your house better and keep everyone healthy.

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