4 Smart Ways to Safely and Effectively Clean Your Gutter

Gutter Cleaning in Portland Every year, thousands of people visit the hospital due to the injuries they sustained while trying to clean the gutter. These unfortunate incidents could have been prevented if the homeowners were more informed on how to take safety precautions.

If you’re planning to clean your gutters, here are some suggestions on how you can do it safely and efficiently. Should you not feel confident you can pull off the task, you can always contact gutter cleaning specialists in Portland, Oregon to do it for you.

Use a stable ladder

Ladder safety is the most important step you can take while cleaning your gutter. Use a sturdy ladder that can support your weight and the weight of the bucket you will be using to collect debris. A four-legged ladder is the best. Always let someone else know that you will be using a ladder, so they keep checking on you in case something happens.

Get a garden hose

A garden hose is effective in cleaning your gutters, as it allows you adjust the pressure of the water using the pistol-grip trigger spray nozzle. Adjust the pressure of the water depending on the amount of debris. You can use it together with a gutter scoop to help clean the gutter thoroughly.

Keep your hands safe

The debris in the gutters will contain bacteria that can infect you, especially if it is decaying. If your roof is aging and rugged, you want to keep safe from cuts. Use gloves to protect your hands. Choose from a variety of gloves depending on the condition of the gutter.

Use gutter guards

Using gutter guards will keep your gutters clean for longer periods of time and eliminate the need for you to get up the ladder every year. This measure is not only an effective way to keep debris from getting into your gutter, but also in keeping you safe by reducing the need for you to climb the ladder.

Cleaning your gutter is a reasonably straightforward project if you know what you are doing. By using the suggestions above, you can keep yourself safe and your gutters clean.

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