3 Ways to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

woman calculate how much cost or spending have with credit cardsYear after year, we spend more and more on utility bills and home maintenance costs. The good thing is there is a way to cut down on these expenses, and that is by investing in the right home equipment. Below are ways to do so and see a monthly decline in your electricity bill.

Update your heating and cooling appliances.

Anyone who lives in Utah knows how polarizing the local climate can be. Therefore, air conditioning units and heaters represent two of the highest percentage in energy bills. Older units use up more electricity than the newer ones. Invest in inverter models to reduce electricity consumption of these staple appliances.

One more appliance you might want to consider updating is your water heater. Consider using a tankless water heater in your Utah home. This functions with lower energy cost and typically lasts longer than its counterparts.

Schedule regular cleaning for appliances.

Appliances accumulate dust and dirt and must be cleaned to maintain optimum performance. When appliances that require cleaning are left unattended, it can reduce efficiency and even require more energy to function like before. Heaters, AC units, fridges, water tanks, and furnaces need to be cleaned regularly to remain efficient.

Switch to LED lighting.

Lighting accounts for roughly 14% of monthly electricity bills. You can lower this number by replacing traditional bulb lighting with LED lighting, which consumes less power. By changing to LED bulbs, the cost of lights is reduced to one-fourth of its original cost, from 14% down to a 3.5% portion of monthly electricity bills. These lights also last longer, so replacement costs are also lessened.

You can improve energy efficiency at home with proper appliance selection and by following regular maintenance for all your home equipment. Not only will they work better, but they will also last longer.

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