3 ways to Improve your Appetite Without Fasting

A kid being fed by his parents

A kid being fed by his parentsFrom consuming fiber-rich foods to eating in small portions, you’ve probably heard all the diet strategies and eating habits to curb hunger. But there are also non-diet ways to get rid of that out-of-whack appetite.

Manage Your Sleeping Habit

How exactly does sleeping reduce hunger and improve your appetite? The answer is hormones. There are two hormones in the body responsible for controlling hunger. Ghrelin the “hunger hormone” prompts appetite, while leptin, also known as the “energy expenditure hormone” suppresses it. The body regulates these hormones to prompt food consumption. But when you lack sleep, these hormones go wild, causing you to feel hungry more and eat more.

Temperature plays a significant role in getting enough, quality sleep. You tend to sleep better and faster when the bedroom is well ventilated. The cool temperature slows down the metabolism of the body signaling it to rest. If you’re having problems with your air conditioner, there are 24/7 AC service in Bessemer, Alabama. Fixing your ventilation and air conditioning might improve your sleep, therefore, giving your body enough rest.

Work Out

Research says that exercise decreases the activation of parts of the brain responsible for prompting cravings. In other studies, it shows that exercise can cut hunger hormone levels, which then esults in feeling full. So, don’t skip your sweat sessions. You may not be seeing the fruits of your weight loss labor now, but it’s making a difference on curbing your appetite.

Follow a Schedule

When we don’t follow a schedule, we tend to procrastinate and rush at the last minute. This desperate way of accomplishing your tasks stresses both the mind and body.

Stress does a lot of nasty things on the body. High levels of cortisol, the hormone that regulates metabolism, are linked to food cravings and the urge to eat.

When you’re stressed, you are less likely to hit the gym but more likely to stress-eat. This keeps you from regulating your appetite.

Try breathing exercises, yoga, and meditation to manage stress better.

Take a vacation now and then to shake off those negativities. Try to follow a schedule, spare some time for exercising, and avoid staying up late to prevent negative changes in your appetite and body.

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