3 Water-associated Diseases That Affects Your Skin

Water Harm in Salt Lake CityMany people associate waterborne illnesses only with gastrointestinal tract when in fact, it can affect basically the whole body. This includes the skin. When water harms, what can you do? Here are some examples you need to take note of:

Hot tub rash

Hot tub rash is nothing like your ordinary rash. Apart from the red and tender rash, there will also be a formation of blisters filled with pus around the follicular area of the hairs. Anybody can acquire this condition through direct contact with another person suffering from it. It’s also possible to acquire it by taking a shower with contaminated water or even taking a dip in a public pool. All Pro Appliance Service and Repair, Inc recommends repairing your water heaters and other systems where water pass through.


Many people believe that ringworm is the fungi or the species responsible for this skin condition when it’s actually the more common term for dermatophytosis. Others call it as tinea infection. There are more specific terms for this depending on the affected area, like jock’s itch (groin) and athlete’s foot.

Cercarial dermatitis

One of the parasites behind cercarial dermatitis is Austrobilharzia variglandis and its usual targets are birds and mammals. Still, through an infected snail, it can contaminate fresh water lakes where people could swim and give them rashes and allergies. This is why it is also called as swimmer’s itch. It is similar to a simple skin rash and most of its cases are mild and doesn’t need immediate attention.

A simple and proper hygienic practice will lower the chances of acquiring these. Furthermore, you should check your sources of water for possible signs that may lead to its contamination. Inspect your pool, tanks, and water heater once in a while and repair them if needed. You can begin by calling technicians and appliance services centers in your area.

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