3 Unique Christmas Decors Storage Ideas

Christmas lights set on a treeTangled Christmas lights can be a real source of frustration. This is especially true if you have to spend over an hour untangling them — only to find out they do not work. This is a consequence of not storing them properly. Here are some easy but great storage ideas to ease the frustration.

Christmas Lights

Before putting them in storage, ensure that all the lights are working. This will ensure you avoid the shock of failing lights on the next festive period. Then, clean them by giving them a good wipe. They are now ready for storage. One way to neatly keep them is to wrap them around a rectangular board. This makes it easy to store since they can be stored flat without consuming much space. You also can choose to coil them around a coat hanger or a paper roll — anything that will keep them from tangling. This makes it easier when you pull them down for the municipal Christmas lighting.

Christmas Tree

Artificial Christmas trees are convenient and ideal for people with allergies, making them a popular choice for most families. Even though it is low-maintenance, you still need to store them carefully. If you fail to do so, they might end up getting bent. If not, you might lose some of the plastic needles. First, take your time to fold the tree neatly. This gives you a chance to double check if you have removed all the ornaments, too. Then wrap the tree and place it in a bag rather than the box it came in.


Regardless of they are store-bought or homemade, ornaments are very fragile, and if stored incorrectly, you could end up breaking them. To store them, place each ornament in an individual cup and then stack them up in a storage tub.

With these three simple but unique ideas on how to store your Christmas decorations, you can keep them looking as good as new every year. Try these out and reduce your stress and frustration levels next year.

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