3 Rain Gutter-Cleaning Hacks You Should Have Learned by Now

rain gutter in front of blue skyA clean rain gutter can help protect your home’s siding and even landscape plantings. It also helps prevent any damages to your foundation. But how do you clean your gutters? There are rain gutter experts in Utah such as Double T. Inc who can easily help you out with gutter problems.

But it’s always best that you know something about it yourself. Here are three easy ways to clean your gutters.

Scoop out any dry leaves or loose debris

You can start cleaning out your gutters at the drain outlet found at the low end of your house’s gutter. You may use a gutter scoop or a narrow garden trowel to remove any loose debris. It’s usually much easier if you remove debris when it’s pliable and slightly damp, and not dried, soggy, or encrusted.

To help you with minimizing any clean up afterwards, bring a plastic bucket with you.

Blast the gutter using a hose

You may use a high-pressure hose nozzle that’s mounted at the end of a water hose to flush out any remaining debris or dead leaves in the gutters. It can be a messy so ensure that you avoid splattering dirt and mud all over your house’s exterior.

You may use a stiff scrub brush to eliminate any remaining encrusted dirt.

Ensure that the drainpipes are free of obstructions

You may try flushing down any debris that’s blocking the water from freely draining through the pipes. If it still doesn’t work, you may use a plumber’s auger and see if you can pull out any remaining debris from the bottom.

These are just a few easy steps on how to clean out the gutters on your own. It’s always advisable to clean the gutter at least twice a year especially after big storms. It’ll ensure that there is no debris clogging your gutters, which may result in even bigger problems in the long run.

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