3 Possible Reasons Your Central Air Fails

AC Maintenance in Herriman For central air conditioning units that are younger than 10 years, choosing replacement over repair is usually unnecessary. If they fail, the ideal decision would be to dig deeper for the cause of the problem. It’s best to base it on the performance, size and condition of the system. In line with these factors, the following reasons could be the root cause that homeowners face:

1. Defective Thermostat

This is a common problem during the start of the cooling season. The unit simply fails to turn on, triggering panic among households. Before considering a replacement, ensure that the thermostat selector reads “cooling.” Remember that some modern units have built-in timers that delay activation. Therefore, give your unit some time to adjust. Hire a central air expert in Herriman if adjusting the thermostat proves troublesome.

2. Dirty Filters

It is disheartening to have a unit that switches on correctly, but blows warm air into the room after a while. This failure is due to dirt accumulation on the filters. As temperatures soar, your central air conditioner has to work harder, failing to bring the desired cold air in the room. Inspect the filters every three months and clean them accordingly.

3. Improper Sizing

This common problem is usually a sign of unqualified work. Improper sizing means your unit is either too small for the room or too large for the room. If it runs continuously, it is probably too small. For a unit that goes on and off, the room is possibly larger. HVAC experts can analyze the system and suggest remedies, so better talk to them.

You should only replace your central air after a thorough analysis of its performance and trial of improvement measures. There is nothing much to do for improperly sized systems, but you can improve other issues accordingly.

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